National Marionette theatre

Family performance

Visit Family performance before the dinner Magic Flute at 6pm. Friendly for chidren.

Museum tour Prague

Tour of the theater, backstage and an exhibition of old puppets. We also recommend for families with children.


20.10.  October 20, 2016, Thursday at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. start regular visit Marionette Museum in ...

Make Your Own Marionette

The making of puppets for both individuals and groups ( number not limited ) in the Art Deco theatre club.

Marionette Museum Český Krumlov

The historical building of the former St. Jobst Church, Latrán No. 6, houses an exhibition of both old and current marionettes, complete puppet theatres, including stage designs and curtains.

Special events

Special events of the National Marionette Theatre aimed at individuals, families, companies, programs for congress agencies, trade fairs, wedding events, cultural events...

2018 EU-China Tourism Year

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Monthly program

Day Date Performance Tickets
čt 01-03-2018 Marionette Tour Praque Buy
čt 01-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
02-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
po 05-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
út 06-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
čt 08-03-2018 Marionette Tour Praque Buy
čt 08-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
09-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
po 12-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
út 13-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
čt 15-03-2018 Marionette Tour Praque Buy
čt 15-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
Day Date Performance Tickets
16-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
po 19-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
út 20-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
čt 22-03-2018 Marionette Tour Praque Buy
čt 22-03-2018 14:00 Workshop Buy
čt 22-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
23-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
po 26-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
út 27-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
čt 29-03-2018 Marionette Tour Praque Buy
čt 29-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
30-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy
so 31-03-2018 20:00 Don Giovanni Buy

Mozart composed specially for Prague "opera of operas" Don Giovanni, which premiered at the "Stavovské" Theatre, and he personally conducted. That was in 1787. National Marionette Theatre presents this exceptional opera in a unique version of the classic puppet theater, in the stylish costumes and stage performance marionettes. This production celebrates Mozart's time and environment in the form of authentic eighteenth century. Performance is played in Prague in a unique architectural space art deco style and is staged in the original Italian about two hours.

1993 - St.Gallen (Switzerland) 1994 - Berlin (Germany), Bergen (Norway) 1995 - Bologa (Italy), Chemnitz (Germany), Cortina d´Ampezzo , Viterbo (Italy)


1996 - Paris (France), Roma (Italy) 1997 - Nyons, Crest, Charleville-Méziéres (France) 1998 - Gorizia (Italy)


1999 - Paris (France), Santander, Sevilla, Cordoba, Bilbao, Escorial-Madrid (Spain), Dresden (Germany) 2000 - Madrid (Spain), Reykjavik (Iceland)


2001 - Undine (Italy), Calatayud, Logroňo, Pamplona , Gijon,Alcala de Henares, Leon, Palencia, Valladolid (Spain), Drammen (Norway) 2002 - Passau, Wroclaw, Szczawno 2003 - Athens (Greece) , München, Passau(Germany)


2005 - Uijeongbu City, Goyang (Korea),Sikonda-Komló (Hungary)


2006 - Orense (Spain), Debrecen (Hungary),Dunajská Streda, Nové Zámky (Slovakia), Münster (Germany), Milano (Italy), Madrid, Barcelona (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Patras (Greece),Harstad (Norway)


2007 - Roveto (Italy),Macao(China) 2008 - Tortosa, Balaquer, Bisbal del´Emporda,Torregrossa (Spain) 2010 - Teabek, Wonju, Seoul - (Korea), Shanhai (China)



Centre of Czech Puppeteers / National Marionette Theatre performs in Prague, at the theatre “Říše loutek” (The Kingdom of Puppets), Žatecká Street No. 1, Prague 1 - Staré Město (a side entrance to the Municipal Library building), near Old Town Square at the crossroads of Žatecká Street with Kaprova Street.

The theatre is easily and conveniently accessible by transport : it is situated 50 metres from the metro stop “Staroměstská” (line A) and 100 metres from a stop of trams no. 17 and no. 18 and the bus stop “Staroměstská” of bus no. 207 on Jan Palach Square

Theatre enter

Žatecká 1
Prague 1 - Staré Město
110 00
Czech Republic

+420 224 819 322

+420 724 367 126